We believe behind every successful business is a team dedicate personnel. We’re always looking for great people who want to make a difference. Passionate innovators. Collaborative achievers. We build trust firstly within the company. Based on the philosophy of “people-centered” we build a value system of trust and empower everyone to be an integral part of Dai A. Talented individuals who are energised by the ability to get things done quickly and effectively. People who are motivated by seeing the direct impact of their contributions in an environment focused on client results and quality of service.


Dai A is a pioneer in providing research, consulting and manufacturing solutions for fillers, additives and colorings for plastics in Vietnam. Established in 2012 in Luong Son Industrial Park, Hoa Binh. With modern machinery system and a team of leading experts trained in major universities in Vietnam, we have been providing high quality products suitable for each customer.

Researching & developing continuously for grater products

Providing knowledge and solutions for filler & additive master batch are our highest mission. By applying those experiences and knowledge to each Dai A product, it helps businesses not waste resources (money, time) and lower product costs while ensuring output quality.

Dai A Industry is a global manufacturing

Dai A builds a vision of becoming a leading brand in the manufacture of fillers, additives and colorants by constantly improving and applying new technologies and new materials to create the highest quality products, optimize the needs of the customers.

Core values



Mr. Chu Quoc Dat Chairman

A man with a warm Heart - Talent - Vision. If our company was a ship, he would definitely be A captain, sailing our ship through the waves and storms - "Dai A Industry ship".

Mr. Phi Van Luong Founder/ CEO

The founder of Dai A Industry - An Chemical expert with more than 20 years in field of plastic & filler master batch


Modern factory and machinery system, designed and built according to European standards. Ensuring product quality output, safety for employees, and standardization of emissions indicators and environmental protection. With a total system capacity of over 100,000 tons / month, Dai A’s products are proud to be present in the markets of more than 70 countries around the world. We are constantly improving and developing towards the best quality of products and services for customers.


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