Application of Calcium Carbonate masterbatch – Filler masterbatch

Filler masterbatch is a compound of calcium carbonate, primary Polyethylene resin and other dispersing plastic additives.

This product is used as a filler – filler masterbatch to reduce costs, increase productivity and shape the end product. Calcium carbonate masterbatch combined with plastic (PE, PP, PS, ABS, …) are primitive or regenerated in blowing, extrusion, spinning, …

The product is granular so it is easy to use and mix with different ingredients easily. Mixing ratio ranges from 5% to 50% depending on the specific product. This ratio is adjusted based on the production technology and the quality requirements of the end product.

Filler masterbatch
Filler masterbatch

Application of filler masterbatch in production

With the benefits and efficiency of the production process, filler masterbatch is widely used in the production of plastic products, typically in the production of ceiling panels, plastic frames, plastic doors, PVC pipes, electrical cables, films, fibers, blow molding, …

1. Production of ceiling boards, plastic door frames

CaCO3 – Calcium Carbonate Filler Masterbatch is widely used in hard PVC to produce plastic pipes and ceiling panels.

The use of filler masterbatch helps to increase product durability, optimize gloss and prolong product life.

2. Production of PVC pipes and plastic fittings

– Manufacture of non-pressure polyolefin pipes and fittings:

The use of plastic filler masterbatch in polyolefins helps to create higher hardness, improve production processes, and optimize both time and cost.

– PVC pressure hose:

The use of filler masterbatch with a small amount of CaCO3 makes the product durable, resistant to high pressure and increased gloss.

– PVC drainage pipes and plastic fittings.

3. Manufacture of electric cables

In Polyolefin plastic cable, plastic filler masterbatch is used a lot with the purpose of reducing cost and increasing fire resistance.

For different thick insulating thin cables, it is necessary to use fillers of different concentrations to create the most complete product.

4. Film production

Filler masterbatch is widely used in manufacturing from thin films to thick sheets, increasing chemical properties and improving production productivity. Filler masterbatch helps reduce costs, increase hardness, durability for the product.

Film production technology is used in the manufacture of a wide range of plastic products, from extruded plastic films, cast chutes as well as heat-resistant sheets.

– Plastic film for ventilation

The use of plastic resins in the production of small-hole ventilation plastic films is effective in cleaning matters.

– Film casting

Plastic filler reduces production costs and improves coating quality, used in LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, …

5. Production of yarns

Filler masterbatch are used in PE, PP woven or non-woven packaging to resist color effects or anti-vibration.

6. Molded products

The use of filler masterbatch in the manufacture of molded products increases hardness, durability, and cost savings

– Blow molding

Plastic filler is used in blow molding to manufacture bottles and other products as containers.

– Injection molding

Used in the manufacture of spare parts, equipment, home products and automotive industry.

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