Above all, plastics are used because of the unique combination of benefits they provide; 

Durability: The long polymer chains form the plastic material making it very difficult to break down, which keeps the contents of the packaging dry and protected on the way to the consumer.

Safety: The plastic packaging is shatterproof and does not break into dangerous shards when dropped, Especially useful for products used by children, to be used under a shower or public place.

Hygiene: Plastic packaging is ideal for the packaging of food, medicine and pharmaceuticals. 

Security: Plastic packaging can be manufactured and used with tamper-proof and child-proof closure layers. 

Light weight: Plastic packaging items are of low weight but high strength, easy to lift and carry.

Freedom of design: The properties of the material combine with a wide range of treatment technologies used in the industry, from injection molding and blow molding to thermal forming, allowing for the production of a multitude of shapes and package configurations. In addition, the ability to create diverse colors and be easy to print and decorate facilitates brand identity and information for consumers.

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