Biodegradable plastic compound in the green revolution in Vietnam

Biodegradable plastic compound in the green revolution in Vietnam

According to statistics, on average each year in Vietnam, about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste is generated, of which about 0.28 million – 0.73 million tons are discharged into the sea, but only 27% of which is recycled used by establishments, businesses.  


These plastic bags take decades, even hundreds of years to decompose in nature, causing Vietnam to face “white pollution. Currently,Vietnam are in the group of 5 countries that emit the most ocean plastic waste in Asia. At this time, the introduction of biodegradable plastic products is the perfect solution to reduce plastic waste to protect the environment. Besides, the world’s biodegradable plastic market is very active and governments are also very interested in these potential product lines. 


Biodegradable under the action of microorganisms, they will be completely decomposed into CO2, H2O, biomass… Biodegradable plastic can be made from renewable sources (corn starch, potato, cassava, …) or made from fossil-derived materials (petroleum). However, no matter what material they are made from, they are much superior to normal plastic due to their ability to completely decompose. If normal plastic takes hundreds, thousands of years to decompose or disintegrate into micro plastic particles, biodegradable plastic takes only a few months, a few years to turn into CO2, H2O, humus … That contributes to the rapid reduction of environmental pollution. In addition, this plastic can convert biological components or make biogas through organic processes, contributing to increasing soil fertility. 


Catching up with market demand, Dai A Industry has launched eco-friendly Biodegradable Compound which is applied in the plastic industry to produce disposable products such as food bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, knives, spoons, forks, rice trays, straws, etc. Not only that, Biodegradable Compound also has good printing ability without pre-treatment, outstanding adhesive ability. Dai A industry is confident that Bio-grade Compound product is safe for users’ health, non-toxic to the environment and has the ability to decompose in about 6 months – 1 year, depending on decomposition conditions. Therefore, the use of Bio-grade Compound will be the optimal solution for plastic manufacturers with the goal of producing products that are safe for the health of consumers but still friendly to the environment. 


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