Consumer trends 2023: Using biodegradable plastic

Nowadays, the trend of using biodegradable plastic products has increased significantly. Consumers have abandoned the habit of using traditional plastic products, instead they start using products from bioplastics.

What is biodegradable plastic?

Biodegradable plastic is made from renewable materials such as plants, soybeans, cassava, corn, potatoes… Under the influence of microorganisms, they will decompose into CO2, H2O, … The research and production of bioplastics is called a green revolution to solve the problem of environmental pollution.

Biodegradable plastic is different from PE, PA, and PET plastic in its ability to decompose quickly in the natural environment in a short time. With normal plastic, the decomposition time lasts for hundreds to thousands of years, but bioplastic only takes 2-12 months without polluting the soil and water environment.

In addition, this plastic compounding has some characteristics such as high hardness, long life set, low yield index, high bearing capacity, long preservation, anti-UV and anti-Oxidant. Therefore, bioplastics has been selected by manufacturers as the main material in their production lines.

Safe solution for health and environment friendly

Biodegradable plastic is widely used in manufacturing with many different products such as:

Packaging manufacturer

Using bioplastics as an alternative to normal plastic is a great solution to reduce waste into the environment. Manufacturers use biodegradable plastic to produce products such as bags, cosmetic packaging, plastic cups, plastic plates, food wraps, food containers, etc.

Because it is produced naturally, bioplastic packaging also helps to protect the health of consumers.

Manufacture of electronics

The electronics industry has made great strides in using bioplastics to manufacture circuit boards, computer cases, speakers, headphones, keyboards, game consoles,…This does not reduce the quality of the product, but it also improves heat resistance compared to other plastics.

Manufacture of medical instruments

Sutures made from biodegradable plastic are being used by doctors in hospitals and surgeries. This thread is easy to disinfect, sturdy, and has the ability to dissolve on its own without leaving scars on the body.

In addition, some medical devices are also manufactured from bioplastics such as drug containers, plastic tubes, etc. At dental clinics, dentists are also using bioplastics for dental implants.

Automobile parts manufacturing

Biodegradable plastic can completely meet the standards to be put into the production of automotive components. With the development of modern technology, manufacturers can use bioplastics to produce auto components.

However, they still have to ensure the temperature, chemical and physical properties of bioplastics when put on the production line.

Hope this article will help you understand more about the benefits of bioplastics. From there, consumers can feel secure when choosing to use this type of plastic in daily life.

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