Color Masterbatch – Best Method of Coloring Plastics

Color Masterbatch is one of the most common raw materials in plastic production. They are necessary materials to increase the attractiveness of plastic products. They are extremely diverse with a full range of types (colors, dyes…) to forms (liquid, powder, pellets). In the article below, Dai A will introduce the most commonly used Color Masterbatch in the plastic manufacturing industry.

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1. Factors when choosing Color Masterbatch to ensure product quality

First thing, the chemical composition of the colorant must be compatible with the chemical composition of the resin compound to which they are added. Because there are many types of resin that can become the base resin in the production of masterbatch and their properties are different. You cannot use a single colorant for all ingredients. For example, dyes are often used with plastics such as polystyrene, polycarbonates or acrylic polymers. On the other hand, dyes are a better choice for polyolefins.

Secondly, the stability of the color masterbatch is also a goal that needs to be monitored. Because during the plastic processing, the materials must be constantly exposed to high intensity heat. Therefore, if stability is not ensured during these processes, the color of the final product may be affected. In particular, for the production of plastics for the food and beverage industries, the stability of plastics is especially important. If toxic plastic is used, not only the quality of plastic products be affected, but the quality of the food will also be affected, resulting in harm to the health of consumers.

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The last but not least factor is “color matching” according to customer requirements. Each plastic product has different color requirements. Therefore, the manufacturer must research the formula to mix different colors, with the most suitable ratio. The goal is to bring customers the most accurate color to their requirements.

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2. Color masterbatch is the most effective method of coloring plastic

Plastic colorants in pellet form (granules) are most commonly used because of their versatility and efficiency in production. This form of coloring agent is commonly known as color masterbatch and it is mixed with other materials such as plastic fillers or additives in the production of plastic products. Pigment in color resin in high concentration (10 – 70%) with excellent dispersion will give the final product a perfect appearance.

Color masterbatch

When compared to other plastic pigments in liquid or powder form. The color masterbatch group exhibits outstanding features of dispersion, storage stability as well as flexibility in use. Color fastness and weather resistance are also very good. The cost of colored plastic pellets is significantly cheaper than liquid or powder form. From there, the costs related to the production and preservation of products are also optimized.

3. Optimal production process at Dai A Industry

At Dai A Industry, all customer requirements along with sample products will be analyzed very carefully in the laboratory. Make sure to optimize all the necessary factors mentioned above. At the same time, meet the most stringent requirements from customers. Help the end product reach the highest perfection in quality, and reduce the cost of production costs.

We are always committed to providing the best quality Color Masterbatch to you. Consulting – Sample Testing – Production – After-sales close process ensuring the best double standard of customer service and product quality!

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