Compound plastic – The most advanced material in the plastic industry today

Compound plastic is one of the most advanced materials in the plastic industry today. With superior technical characteristics and excellent economic benefits, compound plastic beads have been chosen by many businesses.

What is Compound plastic beads?

Plastic compound (also known as engineering plastic compound) is a combination of a traditional plastic base (PP, PC, ABS, …) and reinforcing agents (fiber/glass beads, conductive carbon), flame retardants,…) and appropriate additives in certain proportions. The most outstanding feature of compound resins is the ability to fully meet the technical requirements of the end product in a single specialized material.

Plastic compound is designed to meet the following technical requirements and standards:

  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Conductive
  • High hardness
  • High impact resistance
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Raised heat strain temperature
  • Improved scratch resistance, scratch resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Fire protection

With the above advantages, engineering plastic beads have been chosen by many businesses as an optimal raw material solution with modern production. Currently, there are many types of compounds developed to meet the increasingly diverse requirements of customers.

Wide application of plastic composite in life?

With many outstanding features, Compound plastic beads are being widely applied in many fields. Here are some of the most common uses of Compound plastic beads:

+ Industrial field: Compound plastic granules are used to make gears, bearings, reels, hand-held devices, etc.

+ In the field of electricity and electronics: such as computer components, OA gears, household components, cinema components.

+ Manufacture of household items: Compound plastic beads are used to make watches, zippers, bathroom accessories or window walls.

+ Components for cars and motorcycles: In this field, it is used to create emission control valves, keychains, carburetor components, wiper components for motorcycles….

+ Other applications: In addition to the above fields, Compound plastic beads are also used as computer components, aerodynamic tools or industrial components with impact resistance. Ensure durability, good wear resistance during use.

You can use the compound resin directly during the production process without having to add any other additives. it’s even more handy when you’re producing in bulk.

Dai A Industry JSC is proud to provide customers with the highest quality engineering plastics with outstanding physical and chemical properties suitable for use in various plastic manufacturing technologies.

With many years of experience in the plastic industry, with a team of highly specialized staff and engineers, modern machinery and equipment, we are always the reliable choice of customers and a prestigious unit in the world domestic as well as international market.

In addition, Dai A is always ready to provide technical support, provide solutions as well as free samples to meet the needs of customers, towards the goal of long-term cooperation.

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