Converting Metal Industrial Parts to Plastic

Countless industrial parts have traditionally been made of metal, but innovations in plastic formulations in recent decades have produced plastic resins which can perform as well as or better than their metal counterparts while offering reduced costs and a variety of other benefits.

Color masterbatch

Some Benefits of Plastic Parts Over Metal Parts

Versatile and highly customizable, plastics can be designed to meet virtually any performance and appearance requirements, and offer many advantages over metal parts, including:

+ Enhanced strength, outperforming metal in some cases

+ Reduced vulnerability to moisture, corrosion, impacts, abrasions, and other hazards

+ Formulations to meet environmental requirements such as UV tolerance, heat/cold tolerance, flame retardancy, and others

+ Rapid production cycle

+ Versatility in color, finish, and even plastic resin

+ Fewer secondary operations needed as ribs, gussets, and assemblies can be molded as a unit without welding or other processes

+ Reduced material costs with more stable prices

+ Lower transportation costs with lighter weight, often smaller, thinner parts


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