Dai A Industry Additive Masterbatch Catalogue

Plastic additives are an essential element bringing success to plastic-based products manufacturers and distributors worldwide. A plastic product not only needs a good base resin, but also needs different additives supporting and improving many features of the carrier plastic. Otherwise, that plastic product may not meet the required standards, or may not satisfy the needs of consumers.

Application of Dai A’s Additive Masterbatch


Antioxidant additives are often used together with anti-UV additives for plastic products used outdoors with high temperature and humidity such as: water tanks, agricultural mulch, green house, marine aquarium linings, woven fabrics, body shells for motorcycles, cars, etc.
Helps increase mechanical properties and product life, and can be used for a long time in all weather conditions.

Flame retardant masterbatch consists of fame retardant powder Tetrabromobisphenol A bis (2, 3-dibromopropyl ether) and Antimony trioxide (Sb2O3). It can be used in plastic extrusion, molding… products which are fire resistant for examples socket, power cubicle, fire hose, electric pipe etc.


Slip Additive Masterbatch is applicable to all processors from industries like Packaging (Monolayer & Multilayer fexible Packaging Film), Molding, Agricultural Films, and Bubble Films etc.
Slip Additive Masterbatch is highly recommended for the use as molding agents in injection molding application.


Plastic layers tend to stick together. The addition of an anti-blocking agent creates space between 2 plastic layers (surface roughness) preventing so-called blocking. Mostly anti-blocking agents are used in multilayer structure films in order to have the highest benefit. Anti-block masterbatch specially formulated to give faster migration and better open ability for LDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA film. It contains silica pigment, resin, and other additives.

Processing Aid reduce surface defects, such as common melt fracture phenomenon; improve surface brightness and smoothness of products. Make the color spread more evenly and the more luster. Reduce wears of a mold in the processing process, eliminate the die buildup. Reduce the gel that create extrusion process. Bring down the temperature, extend continuous processing time.


Electrostatic charges are typically caused by friction between two materials. Static charging can disturb the continuity many process, e.g. Static charging can hinder the opening of the tubular flm during packaging processes.
Often the static charging is the limiting factor for higher speed in these processes. In addition, a reduced static charging avoids dust pick up by the packed goods. As a result, the materials can stored and eventually displayed in a more attractive way.


Optical Brightness masterbatch specially formulated to give brightener for LDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA, PP Injection, Rafia, Blowing film… It contains OB1 (Diphenol vinyl – dibenzoxazol )pigment, resin, and other additives.

IM-BIO671 is an intermediate product that makes polyolefins biodegradable. Composition of this product include: LLDPE resin, P-Life additives and CaCO3. It contains P-life, a unique catalyst blend that has been tested and proven to comply with ISO14855. All the ingredients of P-Life are complied with FDA and EU ROHS Directive. IM-BIO671 is suitable for use in all food contact applications, is non-toxic and free from heavy metals.

Dai A Industry’s additive masterbatch is used in the plastics industry with small proportions to optimize the production process and properties of plastic products. All of them apply the newest, the most modern technology according to European standard first time represent in Vietnam. In Dai A Industry, we offer many kinds of additive masterbatch: anti-UV additive, anti-blocking additive, anti-static additive, fame retardant
additive, optical brightener additive, processing aid additive…. Different types of additives when mixed with plastic will give plastic different properties, such as increasing toughness, good insulation, enhanced glossiness, etc. Adding additive masterbatch not only help plastic utensils lighter in volume, but their color is also improved, the quality of final products is also more assured.


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