Dai A Industry Joint Stock Company was established in 2012. We focus on the superior range of products and aim to help customers have further improvement in productivity as well as restrict or even avoid unwanted problems.

Human Resource

Human resource Dai A

Over a decade of establishment and development, the number of personnel working in Dai A has reached now more than 200 people. Including: 4 Masters, 16 Engineers, More than 50 Bachelors…

And many highly skilled workers, experienced and has been with the company for many years. Combined with scientific organization creates a positive and effective working environment that connects employees together grow with business.

Factory & Machinery

Two factories of Dai A Joint Stock Company were built in Luong Son Industrial Park, Hoa Binh with a maximum capacity of over 15,000 tons/month.

All Dai A Industry twin-screw extruders are equipped with closely intermeshing self-wiping co-rotating screws for mixing. Modular segmented barrel sections and various types of screw elements offer maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness. Specially adapted upstream equipment for feeding and downstream equipment for pelletizing after mixing further expand the extruders into complete systems.


Filler Masterbatch

Filler masterbatch (Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch) under the brand name of Dai A would be known as the ultra fine dispersion with the guarantee of no agglomeration, ensure the whiteness, glossier and smooth surface for the articles.

Color Masterbatch

We have an informative library of Color Spectrums from many of our customers as well as having experienced developing teams, who are knowledgable and skillful.

Additive Masterbatch

Plastic additives are an essential element bringing success to plastic-based products manufacturers and distributors worldwide. A plastic product not only needs a good base resin, but also needs different additives supporting and improving many features of the carrier plastic. Otherwise, that plastic product may not meet the required standards, or may not satisfy the needs of consumers.

Anti-Oxydant additives are often used together with Anti-UV additives for plastic products used outdoors with high temperature and humidity such as: water tanks, agricultural mulch, green house, marine aquarium linings, woven fabrics, body shells for motorcycles, cars, etc. Helps increase mechanical properties and product life, and can be used for a long time in all weather conditions.


Processng Aid reduce surface defects, such as common melt fracture phenomenom; improve surface brightness and smoothness of products. Make the color spread more evenly and the more luster. Reduce wears of a mold in the processing process, eliminate the die buildup. Reduce the gel that create extrusion process. Bring down the temperature, extend continous processing time.

Flame Retardant masterbatch consists of flame retardant powder Tetrabromobisphenol A bis (2, 3-dibromopropyl ether) and Antimony trioxide (Sb2O3). It can be used in plastic extrusion, molding… products which are fire resistant for examples socket, power cubicle, fire hose, electric pipe etc.

Slip Additive Masterbatch is applicable to all processors from industries like Packaging (Monolayer & Multilayer flexible Packaging Film), Molding, Agricultural Films, and Bubble Films etc. Slip Additive Masterbatch is highly recommended for the use as molding agents in injection molding application.


Electrostatic charges are typically caused by friction between two materials. Static charging can disturb the continuity many process, e.g. Static charging can hinder the opening of the tubular film during packaging processes.

Compound of Dai A Industrial Company

Global Manufacturer

In 10 years of product development and branding, Dai A has built up customer-partner relationships with hundreds of domestic enterprises  and from 84 countries around the world.


In addition to the above activities, we always welcome customers and partners in the plastics, packaging industries to visit our Factory. Looking forward to a bright future, that we all co-operate, to develop and prosper!

Website: https://daiaplastic.com/en
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Email: info@daiaplastic.com

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