Dai A Industry – Top 5 color masterbatch manufacturer in the world

Dai A’s color masterbatches contain CaCO3, resin, and some additives. It’s suitable for extrusion coating, blowing film, threading yarn, injection molding, etc. This product has very fine dispersion, free of agglomeration, and gives the end product more whiteness, transparency, and a glossier, smoother surface.

Color masterbatch
Color masterbatch

Our black, blue, brown, green, yellow, white,… additive masterbatches are suitable for the diverse appearance and requirements placed on finished plastic articles, in order to help your finish products stand out with our color blending technology.

Besides the transparent and opaque color, we also offer various special effects for your selection, including sparkle, metallic, pearl, granite, marble etc.

Dai A's color masterbatch
Dai A’s color masterbatch

We combine additives to optimize the processing and properties of specialty and commodity resins. We deliver special properties of color masterbatches that include but are not limited to antistats, anti-fog, anti-block, flame retardant, antioxidants, fillers, foaming agents, optical brighteners, purge agents, process aids, scents, slips, release agents, UV absorbers, and inhibitors.

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