Dai A Launches the ‘Digitizing Workplace Environment’ Project

Digital environments and enterprise digitization are current trends, representing a revolutionary step towards transforming business operations and management. The greatest advantage they offer is the ability to swiftly and accurately transmit work processes throughout all branches and departments, regardless of geographical distances.

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Recognizing the importance of applying modern technology to enhance workflow processes, the Board of Directors of Dai A Industry has continuously sought optimal solutions for comprehensive digital transformation of their operations.

In the afternoon of June 20, 2024, Dai A convened a pivotal meeting with Base.vn, a pioneering company in the field of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise management platforms in Vietnam. The meeting proceeded smoothly with the participation of Dai A’s Board of Directors, management team, and a group of experts from Base.vn, including the head of deployment for the northern region and software consultants. Two strategic products were launched after this session: Base Info+ and Base Work+.

Base Info+ – Effective Information Management

Base Info+ will play a crucial role in Dai A’s workflow, establishing a comprehensive information system that facilitates easy access and management of daily essential information. This system not only supports internal information transmission but also fosters effective exchanges and interactions among employees, optimizing resources and information management.

Base Work+ – Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Meanwhile, Base Work+ will serve as a cornerstone for boosting productivity and efficiency by connecting all departments with standardized business processes on a software platform. Specific task allocation and progress tracking among employees will become quicker and more flexible, enhancing workflow management.

The Determination of the Board of Directors

The collaboration with Base.vn through this kickoff session not only underscores Dai A’s strong commitment to enhancing management processes but also delivers outstanding growth in work efficiency within a shorter time frame. This significant advancement helps Dai A Industry elevate the quality of our products and services, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality products. We will continually maximize the potential of these technological solutions to develop and innovate, bringing even greater value to our partners.

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