Plastic compounds are very important materials in plastic industry. Our Compounds help meet the characterization needs of the final products. Thanks to these special advantages, our compound has received many positive reviews from customers and partners around the world. And, here’s why!

What is Plastic Compound?

Dai A’s Compound is produced from virgin plastic, colorants and additives in certain proportions to meet customers’ production needs. Manufacturers can use it directly in the production process without adding any other additives.

Benefits Of Compound

Plastic Compound provided by Dai A Industry are produced on an advanced technological lines, so it can meet most requirements and high technical standards. Some of the functions include:

  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Conducts electricity
  • High hardness
  • High impact resistance
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Raise the temperature of thermal deformation
  • Improved scratch and scratch resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Fireproof

Ingredients of Compound

To achieve the desired properties, our compound will be mixed with additives and fillers. Specifically:

  • Talc mineral with high purity
  • Barium Sulfate Powder (BaSO4)
  • Clay with nano size
  • Glass beads/fibre
  • Conductive carbon black
  • Flame retardant additives with or without halogen
  • Different types of base plastics: POM, PBT, SAN, SAN, ABS, PC, HIPS, GPPS…

Why use compound of Dai A Industry?

Dai A’s Plastic Compound, when used in production, will receive many practical advantages. And typical of those advantages are:

  • Create unique specialized materials for the final product:

According to the traditional method, the mixing stage will need to go through complex and mixing of many different ingredients and be careful about the mixing ratio to produce a single input ingredient. However, using Compound will allow manufacturers to directly proceed with production without having to go through any mixing steps.

Because during the compound production process, we already calculated and researched the characteristics and technical requirements of the finished product. From there, select and mix all the necessary ingredients to create this compound. In other words, our compound are a finished material, manufacturers can directly use this material to produce final products.

  • Save time and improve production efficiency:

When using Dai A’s high quality plastic compound, you can save significant time for synthesizing and processing input materials. Thereby saving labor costs as well as increasing productivity. This is one of the outstanding advances compared to using traditional raw materials.

Because the mixing stage always requires precise ratios and close monitoring, that’s why it takes a lot of resources. Besides, with a single type of raw material, you also have the opportunity to have long-term cooperation with certain suppliers. This means you will enjoy the advantage of competitive raw material prices.

Application Of Compound 

With the benefit of improving final product quality, compounds are often applied in the following fields:

  • Industrial products: Gears, bearings, transmission belts, scroll wheels, plumbing connectors, handheld devices.
  • Electrical/electronic products: Computer components, OA office machine gears, household electrical components, camera components.
  • Consumer products: Watches, zippers, baby car parts, bathroom components, window rails.
  • Car/motorcycle components: Exhaust valve, lock mold, gas tank cap, carburetor components, wiper components, electrical wiring board, gear combination.
  • Sports equipment: Bicycles, fitness equipment, marine vehicle components.
  • Applied in motorbikes, aerodynamic tools, machine components, components with high hardness and low shrinkage, industrial components that are impact resistant, low working temperature, smooth surface, industrial components that shrink low, industrial components with high durability and wear resistance. 

The above outstanding advantages and high practical applicability show why you should use Dai A’s plastic compound. Especially in high-tech products, requiring many features and uniformity for the end product quality. Please contact us for the best technical support and receive a completely free sample!

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