Masterbatch – Sustainable solution in plastic production (Part 1)

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1. Masterbatch – Material to create perfect plastic products

Masterbatch is a concentrated plastic granule that includes base plastic, plastic filler, plastic colorant and other additives. All these ingredients are melted to form a mixture, which is then cooled and cut into granule shapes. Thus, “masterbatch” can be simply understood as a main mixture to produce plastic products.

The secret lies in the precise combination of filler and resin, which is achieved thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques. This combination ensures uniform distribution of the additives within the polymer matrix, so that they transform into consistent mixtures throughout the material. Therefore, masterbatch plays a key role in achieving the desired performance characteristics.

One of the most important purposes of using masterbatch is the economic benefits it brings to manufacturers. With the continuous increase in crude oil prices in recent years, by replacing part of the main resin in production without affecting the original properties of virgin resin, masterbatch is recommended as a solution to save costs in production. This is a great combination in today’s competitive economic context.

In addition, using masterbatch also brings many benefits in the plastic production process, specifically:

1.1. Easily control product quality

Masterbatch enhances the dispersion of colorants for plastic additives and plastics in general. It provides better color consistency, so manufacturers can easily control and manage the opacity and clarity of the final products.

1.2. The end product has outstanding characteristics

In fact, masterbatch brings a lot of additional value to the end products. Because masterbatch already contains additives that provide beneficial properties such as: anti-ultraviolet rays, anti-blocking, fire retardant, anti-oxidation, optical brightening, increased clarity… Thanks to these properties, the quality of the final product is much enhanced.

1.3. Convenient to store and preserve in the production plant

Compared to powder form, using masterbatch will make storage in the production system easier. Employees working in factories can also easily control the quantities used and control the entire production process.

1.4. Safe for workers, environmental protection

Masterbatch has a dense structure of each solid pellet, leaving very little dust during the production process. This helps manufacturers feel secure about the health of their workers as well as easily control and eliminate pollution problems inside the factory.

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