Non Woven Material – Great Applicaion In New Plastic Era

  1. Non woven fabric

Non-woven fabric is a fabric created not by weaving or knitting technology, made from short, long fibers that are linked together by chemical, mechanical, thermal and solvent treatments.

  1. Origin of Non woven

The first non woven fabric was used in the 1920s and 1930s, lined by desert walkers, monks, camel guides to relieve leg pain over the long haul, warmth and pressure. make the fabric softer. Years later, the non woven is commercially used and included in diapers. Over time, the production of nonwoven fabrics has become easier and more cost effective. Separate fibers are placed on a metal mesh for bonding purposes after being placed in the air stream. These long fibers are then bonded together through a series of treatments of a chemical, solvent, mechanical or thermal nature.

  1. Application

Non woven fabrics are increasingly used in manufacturing applications for their good properties, softness, safety, and environmental friendliness. The application of non-woven fabrics is widely used in the manufacture of medical products such as cotton, diapers, towels, paper, masks or even carpets and mattresses.

In addition, non woven fabric is also used in the road construction industry with non-woven geotextiles, or in the fashion garment industry to produce clothing products, protective gear, etc


  1. Masterbatch for Non woven

Filler masterbatch for non woven is a granular mixture of primary plastic substrate which can be PP, PE, …, CaCO3 stone powder and other additives are used in sanitary and medical products. , industry,…

Filler masterbatch for non woven material has features of:

– Very small roughness, reducing surface gloss and increasing opacity for materials

– Increases the strength of the material

– Create softness like cotton

– Minimize bad effects of carbon

– The use of CaCO3 makes the non woven Filler plastic softer than using only virgin plastic

– Increase surface area, improve air filtration and oil absorption

– Plastic resin with natural whiteness gives the material a good color

– Increased thermal conductivity to help reduce resources during processing and production.





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