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The introduction of filler masterbatch

Filler masterbatch (Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch) under the brand name of Dai A would be known as the ultra fine dispersion with the guarantee of no agglomeration, ensure the whiteness, glossier and smooth surface for the articles.

This filler – the concentration of CaCO3 powder or Talc powder in the filler polymer base to modify vary properties of the plastic articles or the base plastic polymers.

The quality:

At Dai A Industry, we deliver the full suite of filler with formula is customized and tailor-made by your requirements. By using the twin-screw machine imported directly from Germany, we take to assure that the filler masterbatch produced from Dai A is the perfect combination of ultra fine calcium carbonate CaCo3 and blended polyolefin in the compounding extrusion.

Our filler includes but not limited to the exclusive options such as HD filler, HIPS filler , PE filler, PP filler, Transparent filler and so much more. Our filler masterbatch products play vital roles on heightening polymers’ physical properties of and minimize cost and work efforts for your supply chain as anti-burn at the die lips when it reaches high loadings.

The application 

  1. In PVC pipes production

Using filler masterbatch can make plastic products more hardness, smoothness. It help to improves production processes, shorten the time and reduce costs, increase profits as well.

  1. In producing plastic doors, ceiling panels, frames

This filler is an important material. It increases the durability of products, makes dispersion in plastic better and improves production processes. CaCO3 involved in filler has great influence on the characteristics of the products. It increases the durability of products and keeps life-time products longer.

  1. In Power cables production

Filler masterbatch is used increasingly in polyolefin plastic cables for the purpose of keeping production costs down, including CaCO3 in filler masterbatch helps to anti flame for the power cables.

  1. In blowing films production

Filler masterbatch is used to increase the chemical properties and improve manufacturing productivity. Filler masterbatch is used to reduce production costs, increase hardness of films.

  1. In spinning production:

Filler masterbatch is mainly used for producing PE or PP raffia and non-woven bags. Filler protects products against the effect of the fibers, increased hardness, reduce titanium oxide.

  1. In plastic composites production

CaCO3 including filler masterbatch helps to reduce air bubbles when processing and improves the durability of finished plastic products.

Filler Masterbatch Appication

If your firm is finding a prestigious filler with cheap price but stable and great quality for supporting your production of blown film injection, extrusion, blow molding, woven sacks or non-woven, and even making the jumbo bags, construction materials, pipe extrusion, plastic footwear, and housewares, then you could give us a call. Especially, the application of our filler solutions is not limited to those above ones. Our filler solutions allow being punched, sawn, guillotined and even routed without any difficulty. Thus, it could assist in extrusion as shaped sheets, outer articles, refrigerator liners and vacuum forming.

Check out some of our primary filler product lines below, in the case, all of them do not fulfill your requirement, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department for further information and tailored plastic solutions.

Filler Masterbatch

Filler Masterbatch PP

Filler Masterbatch

Filler Masterbatch PE