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Introduction of Plastic Compound
In the plastic manufacturing industry, to meet the needs of properties from the final product in specific industries, compound was born.

Compound is manufactured from carrier resins, colorings, and additives in certain proportion to meet the production needs of customers. With this product, the manufacturers can use it directly in the process without adding any other additives. Our compound is especially convenient when you need to produce in large quantities and the product does not need to change.

Benefits of using Dai A Compound in plastic production
Our Compound is produced to meet the following technical requirements and standards:

+ Low thermal expansion coefficient

+ Conductive

+ High hardness

+ High impact resistance

+ Good size stability

+ Improving deformation temperature due to heat

+ Improving scratch resistance

+ Low moisture absorption

+ Fireproof

Composition of Dai A Compound
+ Talc mineral with high purity

+ Barium Sulfate Powder (BaSO4)

+ Ceramic beads

+ Grain / fiberglass

+ Carbon black conductive

+ Fireproof additives with or without halogen

+ Various types of carrier resins: POM, PBT, SAN, SAN, ABS, PC, HIPS, GPPS…

Applications of Dai A Compound in plastic production
For the advantage of improving the quality of finished products, our technical resin is often used in the following areas:

+ Industrial products: Gears, bearings, transmission belts, rollers, plumbing connectors, handheld devices.

+ Electrical / electronic products: Computer components, OA office machine gears, household electrical components, camera components

+ Civil products: Watches, zippers, baby car details, bathroom components, window rails.

+ Car / motorbike components: Exhaust regulator valve, key mold, gas tank cover, carburetor components, wiper components, electric conductor panel, gear combination.

+ Sports equipment: Bicycles, body tools, marine components

+ Applied in motorcycles, pneumatic tools, machine components, components with high rigidity, low shrinkage, industrial components with low working temperature impact, smooth glossy surfaces, low shrinkage industrial components , industrial components with high durability, abrasion resistance.