Phụ Gia Chống Tĩnh Điện IM-AST2563

Physical Property:

  Items    Method of experiment  Unit  Standard 
  Carrier Resin      DSC    PE 
  Antistatic agent    DSC  wt%  25 
Melt Flow Index (190ºC/2.16kg)    ASTM D1238  g/10min  26 
  Density      ASTM D1895  g/cm3  0.95 
  Melt Temperature        DSC  oC  120-140 
Moisture Content      ASTM D570  %  0.09 


Additive: Anti-static

Processing: Temperature 170 – 180oC

Pellet: Size 3×3 (±0.3) mm

Carrier resin: PE

Compatibility: PE, PP

Application: Rate 2– 4 % of the part’s weight

Antistatic effect: the surface resistance can reach 10^8- 10^10 Ω.

Packing: 20 kg/bag

Storage: Keep at dry condition