White masterbatch – The product has high applicability

The introduction of white masterbatch

White masterbatch is a type of polymer material, it gives whiteness, brightness, and opacity in the final articles. In order to provide these properties in plastics, many chemicals such as Titanium dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Zinc sulfide, Antimony oxide, are used. Titanium dioxide is mostly used in plastic applications. Because its unique properties such as high refractive index, average particle size (0.19-0.22 micron).

White masterbatch under the brand name Dai A is based on international quality Titanium dioxide with excellent optical properties such as opacifying / tinting strength, undertone, and color. This Titanium dioxide has a unique surface treatment that gives good dispersion on plastics. It has no effect on the rheological properties of the polymer.

White masterbatch contains specialty additives that make the resin compatible with titanium pigment and give an ideal color for the final product. We have a lot of varieties of white masterbatches, depending on the percentage of titanium dioxide (up to 70%).

white masterbatch
                                                                                            Dai A Industry’s white masterbatch

The quality of white masterbatch

The equipment at Dai A manufactory is imported directly from Germany. It guarantees excellent dispersion of pigment for extra advantage of utilizing, performance optimizing through each of products and meet the inquiries of clients. That is the reason why articles produced by white masterbatch filling do not get the influential of rheological properties but give the excellent solution for coloration, whiteness and opacity with downward price but upward slice of each time molding.

Based on each of inquiries of clients, our white masterbatches are variable in pigment content that fluctuate from 20% to over 80% that combine with PE polyethylene resin and hand-picked additives for each time of running machines. Then, it has many properties such as anti-UV, anti-static, anti-bacterial, enhancing the opacity and whiteness, anti-fibrillation, heightening resistance of heat. It allows the processing temperature from 150 to 280 Celsius degree.

The application of white masterbatch

White masterbatch is used in a wide range of applications. It is used in laminating, extrusion coating, protective films, fibers and non-woven, and injection molding. Using our extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art production capabilities, we are able to produce high-quality masterbatch containing different outdoor and indoor TiO2 grades. By combining the right TiO2 grade, carrier resin, stabilizers, and process equipment, we provide the highest-quality masterbatch for each application.

Check out our most popular type of white masterbatches. In the case, any of them does not satisfy your technical requirements. Please contact directly to our sales department for the custom-made solution and bespoke price for your budget.





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