Technical Analysis

Physical Property


  Items   Method of experiment Unit Standard
  Carrier Resin     DSC   PBAT
  Melt Flow Index (190ºC/5kg)   ASTMD1238 g/10mins 2.5
  Density     ASTM D1895 g/cm3 1.27
  Melting Temperature   DSC oC 140-150
  Moisture Content     ASTM D570 % 0.45


  • Good Processing when dried properly (< 0.1% moisture)
  • Does not produce noxious off gas
  • In-line drying is needed to control moisture which will cause processing issues
  • Good Printability without pre-treatment
  • Good weldability
  • Meets requirements for compostable degradable polymers: DIN EN 13492 and ASTM D6400
  • Bulk storage possible in dry silo