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I. Color Masterbatch 

The introduction

Color masterbatch is an important group in product categories of Dai A. Dai A’s color masterbatches contain ultrafine CaCO3 powder exploited from the hundred years old high-calcium limestone in Vietnam with polyolefin resins and some other additives. Color masterbatch under the brand-name Dai A Industry is diversified in design and type. This product has very fine dispersion, free of agglomeration and bring the end product more whiteness, transparent, more glossy, smooth surface.

The quality of Color masterbatch

Color masterbatch with brand name Dai A Industry is specially formulated in which each component is carefully calculated to perfectly suitable with what Customers requested. Besides carrier resin (which is diverse in types such as PP, PE, PS, etc.), pigment is the most important ingredient contributed to the unique difference of this masterbatch. In purpose to improve functional properties of the base resin, several proper processing additives such as zinc, oil, wax, etc. are added into the mixture.

By combining the special additives, our color masterbatches contribute in optimizing the process of producing final polymer articles, whereas take advantages in antistatic properties, anti-fog, anti-block, anti-oxidants, flame retardant, UV absorbers and inhibitors.

The application 

Using color masterbatch in plastic product manufacturing helps the producers taking advantages in many aspects. Due to using good quality colorant with high color concentration, it will be easy for the plastic manufacturers to use directly in the mixing processes, in general saving both the processing time and production cost. As a result, final products can have stable color shade, good light fastness and heat resistance delivered by excellent color dispersion ability. Moreover, coloring plastic by this method does not cause any bad influence on the environment.

Color masterbatch is frequently applied in a wide range of industries and fields. Its most common application is film blowing to plastic bags with multiple purposes. It can be shopping bag, garbage bag, food-storing bags, etc. Fabric, both woven and non-woven, making cloth, sack or FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container) is another application of color masterbatch.

By implementing different method in manufacturing plastic products, it is easily for producers to generate various types of things, from film sheet (created by extrusion molding) to household appliances (such as can, bottle, tray, box, etc.) and furniture (table, chair, lamp, etc.) by injection or blow molding.

In order to obtain detail information regarding our color masterbatch, please click our following primary color masterbatches. In the case, all of them do not fulfill your requirement, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department (regard your closet region) for further information and tailored plastic solutions.