Plastic Compound – A new material solution for Plastic Industry!

In order to meet the increasing requirements of the plastic industry, many new materials have been continuously researched and developed, notably Engineering Plastic Compound. The appearance of engineering plastics helps the end product to have all the characteristics and features desired by the manufacturer. So what is the Engineering Plastic Compound? Through the following article, Dai A would like to send to customers basic information about this useful product line.

1. Introduction

Engineering plastic compound is a material created from a perfect combination of resin and additives. The common resins base used in compound production are PP, ABS, PC, etc. Depending on the requirements of the finished product, the manufacturer can mix the resin base with reinforcing agents such as: fibers/granules. glass, talcum powder, conductive carbon, barium sulfate salt, … with appropriate additives such as: brightening additive, clarity enhancer, processing additive, anti-UV additive, anti-static, etc.

2. The advantage of Engineering Plastic Compound

2.1. Meet most of the high engineering standards

With advanced production lines and a team of highly qualified technicians, the Compounds supplied by Dai A are always researched to suit the requirements and high technical standards such as: increased impact resistance., improve scratch resistance, ensure hardness, electrical conductivity, improve deformation due to heat, etc.

2.2. Perfect material for final product

Engineering Plastic Compound is different from every other plastic materials in the way of production. Compound resins are specially calculated and researched according to the characteristics of the final product. Resin, additives and reinforcing agents, to meet the technical requirements of each finished product, these materials will be adjusted in the appropriate proportions. This specialization makes engineering plastics suitable for all finished products requiring high technical level.

2.3. Increase productivity, save time and labor costs

Previously, to produce a finished plastic product, Manufacturer had to research and mix many different materials. Finding the source of raw materials and then mixing makes the production process complicated and inefficient, not to mention if the ratio is not suitable, it will greatly affect the dispersion of the material. However, using engineering plastic compounds will help to solve that thoroughly. By researching based on the characteristics of the final product, engineering plastic compounds have all the features of a finished product. Manufacturer can directly use compound granules for production without any additional mixing stages, thereby simplifying the production process, saving time, and improving output.

3. Application

With outstanding advantages as above, Plastic compound are applied in many fields of the plastic industry such as:

+ Producing home appliances: Plastic details of rice cookers, super kettles, refrigerator bases, washing machines, etc.

+ Industrial products: Gears, transmission belts, rolls, …

+ Electrical / electronic equipment: Camera components, computers, …

+ Car and motorcycle components: Wipers, exhaust adjustment valves, seat belts, plastic details of seats, remote keys, etc.



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