Charity Program Announcement: Warm New Year in the Uplands – Ta Xi Lang 2021

On each occasion before Lunar new year to come home in spring, all Dai A staff members are eager to join hands to prepare the “Warm New Year in the Uplands” charity program.

This is an activity organized annually by Dai A Industry JSC, considered as a cultural feature of the whole company. Not only is it for sharing but strenuous difficulties with people in upland areas, but it also shows the responsibility of each business to contribute to the community.


And our destination this year is Ta Xi Lang commune. The most difficult commune of Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province. Located in the midst of mountains and forests in the Northwest, Ta Xi Lang this season, clouds cover, cold and sad to heart. Nearly twenty kilometers of the winding pass to get down to the district made the daily worries of the people worse.

Thiện nguyện tà xi láng

The whole commune has 5 villages scattered throughout the mountains, the furthest place is more than 35 km from the Commune Committee. People here are mostly H’Mong ethnic group, nearly 600 households, up to 95% are poor. There are only 3 sunny summer months a year for people to cultivate one rice crop. Unfavorable soil conditions, climate, plus extremely difficult roads, make people here hardly  to escape poverty.

For that reason, it is very important for the compassionate hearts of the community: individuals and collectives inside and outside the company join hands to help people. Even if it’s just some old clothes, some food… , it has contributed a lot to help the people here.

All contributions would be sent to Administration – Human Resources department, Dai A Industrial Joint Stock Company. Phone: (+84) 24 3200 6580.


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