Strictly implementing social distancing in accordance with Directive 16/CT-TTg of the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Dai A Industry Joint Stock Company has built and implemented production organization under the motto 3 on the spot: “Production on the spot – Eat on the spot – Rest on the spot” for all employees working at 2 factories in Luong Son Industrial Park, Hoa Binh. This is a plan to ensure the implementation of dual goals: Maintain production and effectively prevent epidemics.

Dai A employees unite to implement the “3 on the spot” 
Facing the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the risk of the epidemic entering industrial parks is very large. In order to avoid disruption of the production chain and ensure the health of employees, on July 26 and 27, 2021, Dai A Industry Joint Stock Company organized a quick test for Covid-19 for all working employees at 2 factories to ensure the implementation of the “3 on spot” .

After the Covid-19 test result was 100% negative, all employees were arranged by the Company to live in dorm building with all necessary facilities such as blankets, pillows, cushions, personal belongings, etc. and ensure a minimum distance of 2m from each person. In addition, we also regularly disinfects eating and sleeping areas; strictly implement the 5K recommendation of the Ministry of Health; increase the meal allowance from 1 to 3 meals for employees, implement the process of eating, living and working in shifts, avoiding large gatherings… so that workers can rest assured to stay.

Despite facing many difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic, the spirit of working together with the Government in the fight against Covid-19 has always been strongly spread by Dai A’s staff. Hopefully with solidarity, sharing, joint effort, strict implementation of the directives of the state, the Covid-19 epidemic will soon be repelled.

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