Filler masterbatch in PP Plastic production – PP Filler masterbatch

I. Filler masterbatch

To serve the production of diverse plastic products, different base materials, masterbatch plastic pellets also have different types with the main types are:

Polypropylene (PP) Filler Masterbatch – pp filler, mainly used in the production of packaging, plastic bags, building materials, …

Polyethylene (PE) Filler Masterbatch – pe filler, used in the production of non-woven fabrics, packaging, plastic bags, plastic films, …

Filler masterbatch
Filler masterbatch

II. PP Filler masterbatch

PP filler masterbatch is a granular mixture of primary plastic PP substrate, Calxium carbonate – CaCO3 stone powder and other special plastic additives. PP filler masterbatch has natural Calxium carbonate powder white color and is compatible with PP resin or can be PS and ABS etc. and suitable for film blowing, injection molding, extrusion, spinning, …

III. Features – Benefit

PP Filler masterbatch has many features that bring benefit for plastic producer, such as: 

+ Increase extruder productivity, cool quickly

+ Reduce time for the entire production cycle

+ Increased hardness

+ Support product shaping feature

+ Anti-block

+ Reduce shrinkage

+ Helps to easily separate the mold

+ Increased stability and endurance over time

IV. Application

PP filler masterbatch is widely used in plastic production with typical applications as below:

+ Blowing film

+ Blow molding, extrusion, injection molding

+ Spinning, producing belts

+ Production of non-woven fabrics, woven bags, non-woven bags

+ Manufacture of household products and footwear

+ Production of construction materials

+ Producing plastic film

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