Application of different Filler masterbatches in production

Application of non-woven SPC, PET and PP Filler Masterbatch 

With durability, toughness, toughness and flexibility, plastic is used in almost all manufacturing sectors, to produce plastic product, producer need to use masterbatch, can be filler masterbatch and color masterbatch, plastic additive. 

However, for each different plastic product, different plastic resin raw materials are used. This article will give you the most comprehensive overview of the application of different types of plastic resins in the manufacture of plastic products, that’s why they need different plastic masterbatch, including filler masterbatch, color masterbatch.

1. Pet Masterbatch

PET / Polyester Masterbatch

+ Application in packaging bottles

Polyethylene Terephthalate is a durable, light and bright plastic from the polyester family. It is commonly known as polyester when used with fabric and PET while used for bottles, jars, containers and packaging.

+ Application in food packaging

PET is the leading choice for food and beverage packaging. That’s because it’s safe, reliable, lightweight, durable, and keeps it fresh. PET / Polyester main pellets are widely used to produce large container packaging for soft drinks and water. In addition, PET plastic also offers a wide range of applications in health safety.

+ Application in materials, accessories

Another important reason to use PET is its recyclability and sustainability. Most recycled PET is used to make carpets, clothing, auto accessories, construction materials and other products.

2. PP – Polypropylene non-woven PP masterbatch

+ Producing recycled plastic

Polypropylene nonwoven fabrics are used to manufacture recycled plastics. To make the nonwoven polypropylene plastic fibers are bonded together to create a durable material for many years of reliable use. So it is one of the first options when it comes to producing a reusable bag on the market.

With the use of polypropylene nonwoven synthetic fibers, the product obtains the desired properties and strength to ensure higher strength. In addition to the conveying characteristics, the masterbatch also provides complex color and functionality on products.

3. PP – Polypropylene woven PP masterbatch

With the ability to retain elongation, tensile strength, increase bonding as well as increase speed, increase elasticity to increase the printability of bags, PP non-woven plastic resins are commonly used and essential in the PP woven bag production.

4. SPCs Masterbatch

Monochrome plastic granules contain a variety of organic and inorganic pigments. SPC has excellent dispersion with quality additives to ensure maximum color and cost effectiveness. Because of its high color fastness, we can use SPC with a wide variety of carrier resins such as PET, PBT, PP and PE thanks to properties such as:

+ Good color fastness

+ No dust on the environment

+ Product quality is uniform

+ Good dispersion 

5. APS Masterbatch

ABS is used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Its properties like resistance to chemicals, heat and physical effects make it an excellent material for various products.

ABS plastic is fairly easy to work with and has a low melting point making it a great choice for modern molding techniques like plastic injection or even 3D printing.

Furthermore, the low cost of ABS plastic also increases its popularity in many application areas such as automobiles, electrical equipment, sports equipment, toys, construction, …

+ Automotive application

Used in auto parts of cars and vehicles to help reduce weight: dashboard, belts, seat belts, door liners, door handles, handles, …

+ Application in household and daily

Used in the manufacture of equipment such as control panels, vacuum cleaners, food processing machines, refrigerators, … or computer keyboards, electronic boxes.

+ Application in construction industry

Because of its environmental durability, anti-erosion properties, ABS plastic is used in the manufacture of a number of appliances and equipment in the construction industry such as water pipes and buffers.

+ Application in 3D printing technology

With high heat resistance properties and easy machinability, ABS is trusted for use in the 3D printing field. Material from ABS plastic makes it easy to adhere, decorate and model.

Above is information about the application of plastic resins on the base materials used in the production and processing of plastic products. To get quality plastic products, you need to have a source of standard, good quality plastic masterbatch that is consistent with the production process and characteristics of the business. Dai A Industry is proud to be a supplier of top quality plastic resins in Vietnam thanks to the best raw materials, the most modern production equipment and a team of experienced professional engineers.

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Filler Masterbatch Caco3


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