What kind of anti-UV additives made from Dai A Industry?

The lifetime of plastics comes faster when it is under the effects of sunlight, UV rays, heat and reaction with oxygen. The changes witnessed in a plastic can range from discoloration to formation of cracks. Dai A antiUV Additives help to eliminate these effects. Our antiUV Additives or UV Protection Additive protects plastic applications from changing colors and properties which are affected by UV rays and keep plastics lifetime last longer.

Applications of antiUV additives

Dai A antiUV additive covers applications in automotive plastics as in exterior and interior molded articles for preventing faded color by regular exposure to UV rays, sunlight, and heat.

Our anti UV additives are suitable for HDPE injection molding, HDPE tapes, LDPE blown film or LLDPE.

The applications of anti UV additives in PP fibers, PP tapes, and PP thick sections are also popular.

Moreover, biopolymer applications are also on the list.

As regards to film production, those polyolefin film applications of anti UV additives play the role of improving resistance to color fading.

For reducing the ability of color fading and maintaining the packaging contents functions, the application of anti UV additives in injection molding is popular.

Furthermore, our antiUV additives are also applied in natural fiber and wood material for preventing color faded in outdoor articles.

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