Anti-Static Additives In Plastic Products

Electrostatic electricity is a common phenomenon when using plastic products. If left untreated, static electricity will have consequences related to user safety as well as product quality. So what is static electricity? How to minimize the harmful effects of static electricity on plastic materials? 

What is static electricity?

Static electricity is a phenomenon where a large amount of electrical charge is accumulated on the surface of a plastic product, creating an electric spark. The charge will persist and accumulate in a large amount until it can be transmitted or self-discharged. The accumulation of charge will have consequences such as attracting dust (on the surface of the product) or accelerating its decomposition, thereby shortening the life of the product. Under specific conditions, they can cause fire or explosion, especially for household appliances that are exposed to other sources of electricity at high frequencies.

Static electricity not only occurs during the use of the product but also arises during the manufacturing process such as injection molding, blow molding, etc., resulting in slower processing speeds as well as contaminated raw materials. Therefore, never before has the use of antistatic additives for plastics become important to our country’s plastic industry 

Electrostatic phenomenon can occur during processing or product use, causing unpredictable consequences for everyone. Therefore, the use of antistatic additives for plastics plays an important role not only in improving the quality of plastic products but also in ensuring safety.  

Currently, to overcome the phenomenon of static electricity, Dai A has launched the electrostatic dispersion Compound – a compound that is bonded between the base resin and the anti-static component. This type of Compound has the effect of reducing the ability of electrical charges on the membrane surface to make the production process safer and more efficient. At the same time minimize the suction and dust adhesion to the product. The electrostatic dispersion compound can be applied in many fields such as film blowing, injection molding, pipe extrusion, bottle blowing, etc.   

With experience in research and development on fillers and additives for plastics. All antistatic products that Dai A brings to all customers are the best products, perfect in both quality and price. Dai A is always ready to provide technical support, provide solutions as well as free samples to meet the needs of customers, with the goal of long-term cooperation. 

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